Silos are Alive and Well

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on April 11, 2014
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Question: “What do you think would increase iWorker productivity?”
Angele Boyd, a Guest Blogger for Xerox Blogs asks this in her post Simplifying Work – Why Don’t Companies Get It?.  The question follows on the heels of noting that the average productivity for iWorkers is about 65-75 percent. Information-Silos So where is the lost 25-35 percent?

Alas, enter our long lost (or not so lost) nemesis, the Silo. In fact, now there are two versions of silos – on-premise and cloud-based.  The influx of tracking systems, chat networks, and document repositories, means your silos are just as dispersed as ever.   Sadly, 55% of employees stress about how much time it takes to re-create lost documents, hibernating in their dark holes where no-one can find them.

The author mentions that there are no easy solutions to solve the problem of dispersed information, but we at Deep Web Technologies have a pretty good idea.

Smart companies that outperform their peers appreciate how technology can provide competitive advantage. These companies seek solution providers that will partner with them, starting with a needs assessment, followed by a strategic plan, implementation and continuous improvement.

Deep Web Technologies helps our clients large and small to assess their silos of information wherever they may be.  Our mission is not to consolidate the silos; indeed, that is a monumental effort and one best saved for a rainy year or two.  We simplify the process by searching your silos wherever they may be, in the cloud, behind the firewall, on the internet/intranet.  We provide a single, comprehensive search of your silos of information.  Take back your productivity and relax! We’ve got you covered.

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