Less Google– More Search: Mednar Named in Top 10 Best Specialized Search Engines

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on October 13, 2010
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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like top 10 lists? VH1 was practically built on this idea.

Top10tag.com is a website committed to taking the most bizarre, high-quality products and service reviews, links to most amazing websites, innovative and useful tools, interesting and fun stuff, and putting it all together in an easy-to-read top 10 list.

So when top10tag.com compiled a list of of the best specialized search engines, it was no surprise that Google was nowhere to be found.

Top10tag.com named Mednar Medical Search Engine (Mednar)#5 in the Top 10 Best Specialized Search Engines. Mednar uses Deep Web Technologies‘ federated search engine to segment multiple medical databases where Google, Google Health, or many other general search engines do not have access.

The list appears to be comprised of specialized technologies that create a unique user experience which may prove difficult for a single company to maintain. Getting back to my previous example, Google has many specialized searches. However, at this time,  they do not satisfy some of the grasp and depth users require out of their search engine information. Since Mednar and the technology behind it  provides access to a large, high-quality collection of medical research content not available anywhere else, it was a “shoo-in” to say the least.

Google is great for a variety of reasons that we may all agree with: calendar, document storage, VOIP services, data, etc. However, when it comes to outside-the-box search needs such as images without keywords, sounds, and databases in the deep web to name a few, we may also attest that Google is heavily restricted.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Deep Web Technologies is committed to bringing the highest quality technology, and relevant data to the user by the fastest methods possible.

What kind of specialized search engines do you believe will exist in the near future?

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