Hello WorldWideEnergy.org – Goodbye ETDE

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on August 20, 2014
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In June of 2014, the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) ended.  It must have been a sad day for the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), having nurtured ETDE from a fledgling search site over 27 years ago to a venerable collection of over 5 million literature citations and over 90 participating countries.

But OSTI recognizes a good thing when they have one.  ETDE hasn’t disappeared completely, but fused into a bigger, stronger, application – WorldWideEnergy.org – with a robust search by Deep Web Technologies.  Perhaps the song “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles should be playing in the background here – Hello, Hello, WorldWideEnergy.org. Goodbye, Goodbye, ETDE.

Aside from the new look, WorldWideEnergy.org boasts a truly foreign object: Multilingual support.  Users can enter their query term in not only English, but Spanish, German and Swedish.  On the results page, translate the results into your language.  Talk about making it simple!wwe-swedish

For Example:

Search Language: Swedish
Search Term: termonukleär fusion (In English: thermonuclear fusion)
Results return in English, German, Swedish and Spanish; with Swedish chosen as the search language, you can Translate the results to Swedish!

Aside from the fueling the discovery of citations from participating countries, OSTI expects this feature to attract additional countries to the WWE Consortium, helping their content become more discoverable.  The future is brilliant…thermonuclear perhaps.


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