Explorit Everywhere! Goes Mobile

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on June 9, 2015
Posted Under: Features

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a mobile device. Over 80% of internet users who own a smartphone use it to access the internet. Almost 60% of the total digital users in the U.S. visit the web through a variety of mobile devices (comScore). We’re in a global, mobile wave, expected to continue with a projected 50 billion connected devices by 2020 (Cisco). That’s 10 zeros of mobile connection worldwide!

Deep Web Technologies is on board and ready for the mobile wave. We believe that Explorit Everywhere! clients should have the best possible viewing experience, no matter what device they are coming from – their desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. With mobility in mind, we recently transformed Explorit Everywhere! so that access is easy and mobile friendly, wherever you are and from whatever device you are using.wikipedia responsive

Our revamped Explorit Everywhere! applications take advantage of responsive design. Responsive design websites adjust the layout and resize content to optimize the user’s experience, regardless of the device that they are coming from. With over 100 different device screen resolutions worldwide (and growing), Deep Web Technologies developed Explorit Everywhere! to detect the screen resolution our users are coming from and automatically adapt the content to fit the screen of the device. Of course, there is a little extra magic that takes place behind the scenes to tailor the robust Explorit Everywhere! features to the various devices and screen resolutions. We want to make sure that the useability for all of Explorit Everywhere! is optimized for every size and shape.

The updated Explorit Everywhere! uses only a single URL for sharing between smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Some mobile strategies require developers to create both a mobile site and desktop site, each with a separate URL (mobile and desktop). This strategy will not automatically detect and update the page to fit the device. For example, if a user shares a link from a mobile-only site with their desktop friend, the desktop screen will default to the mobile URL they received and will bring up the mobile website. Likely, the mobile page won’t show well on the desktop computer. Explorit Everywhere! now solves this problem by automatically identifying the screen – mobile or desktop – so users can share the same link across all devices.

Want to see Explorit Everywhere! on your mobile device? Mednar.com, a public medical search portal, offers a peek at Explorit Everywhere! with the new, responsive mednar mobiledesign. When viewed from your desktop computer, you’ll see the full screen with clusters on the left, tabs, filter options and tools.  However, from a mobile device, those features are tucked into neat icons at the top of the results, maximizing screen space and simplifying your viewing experience. Once you see results you can view them as they appear, grouped thematically (corresponding to desktop tabs, such as Medical or Patents), or by topic clusters. You can still filter the results by rank, date, title or author, email the results, view the search summary or select results to email, save, print or export just as you would on the desktop screen.

With responsive design and a few nifty optimizations, Deep Web Technologies is surfing the mobile wave and ensuring Explorit Everywhere! users can access their application of choice from wherever their mobile connection takes them.

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