DWT Partners with Microsoft Translator

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on August 25, 2015
Posted Under: Multilingual Search

We are now a Microsoft Translator Alliance Partner. DWT was invited to join the brand new WWS-FlowMicrosoft Translator Partner program which is designed to create opportunities for businesses to deliver best-in-class translation solutions.

DWT uses the Microsoft Translator API to create multilingual search solutions for global customers. These solutions tap into the available Microsoft Translator languages and automatic translation capability so researchers can query multilingual databases in their own language, and then translate results from the sources back into their query language. Behind the scenes, DWT and Microsoft Translator shift the query from the user’s language into the language of the information sources, search the sources for the most relevant results, retrieve, aggregate and rank the results, and then translate the results back into the user’s selected language. It’s a seamless, powerful process that melts walls between researchers of different languages by allowing information discovery and flow without the need for personal translators.

This unique, multilingual search feature originally launched with WorldWideScience.org in 2010. WorldWideScience.org is a global science gateway comprised of national and international scientific databases and portals. With the DWT-Microsoft Translator partnership, users can search in ten different languages and translate results from sources in multiple languages back into their selected search language.

In early 2015, Microsoft sponsored a “Customer Story” page entitled “WorldWideScience Alliance and Deep Web Technologies”, revealing the history, technology and benefits of the WorldWideScience.org multilingual solution. In April, DWT followed the customer story with a guest article in Multilingual Magazine, expanding on the nature of multilingual applications, the development and benefits of multilingual searching for government agencies and global companies.

Deep Web Technologies’ is the technology behind other notable public multilingual search portals such as Science.Ciencia.gov and UNECA’s ASKIA.org. Each of these custom portals uses DWT’s Explorit Everywhere! federated search technology and the Microsoft Translator API to search and translate.

DWT’s partnership with Microsoft Translator is vital to the steady pulse of our multilingual applications. We believe that each multilingual application we build furthers the cross-pollination of global ideas and scientific advancement. Share our vision: In the not-too-distant-future, language barriers for science researchers and global business searchers no longer exists, and informed research will access critical information in multilingual databases with one search.

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