Deep Web Technologies is SMAC-down in the Midst of Things

I recently had a conversation with a VC and he brought up the acronym “SMAC”. SMAC, he explained, stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, and pointed out that these four areas are red-hot with investors now. In a Forbes, May, 2014 blog article, Ravi Puri, Senior Vice President, North America Oracle Consulting Services defined […]

Signs of Spring – Pollen Allergies!

March 20th marked the first day of spring. Here in northern New Mexico we have seen signs of spring (and allergies) for over a month. The crocus stretched out of the soil in February marking both a celebratory moment for my family, and one of concern.  The weather is already warm and beautiful causing the apricot, […]

Google: The World’s Greatest Marketing Company

Google has completely changed the way most of the civilized world gets its information. Most know that Google wasn’t the first, but thanks to their effective branding, few realize that Google isn’t the best. For a long time, I’ve made the claim that Google will not be remembered as the greatest technology company of all […]

Explorit trademark granted and the good old days

The other day Abe received in the mail the document from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granting us a trademark and service mark on the multilingual version of Explorit®, our federated search system. As any of you who have filed patents, trademarks or service marks surely know, the process is arduous and time […]

NFAIS on discovery services

There’s an NFAIS draft Discovery Service Code of Practice that’s up for review. The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS™) is releasing a draft Discovery Service Code of Practice for review and comment by March 16, 2012. NFAIS believes that discovery services have the potential to provide ease of information discovery, access, and use, […]

Preparing for ALA Panel and Federated Search Neutrality

As is usual for me I’m up early this morning after the three day Memorial Day weekend, going through my Biznar Alerts, and I run into this interesting blog post: Net Neutrality and Federating Searching Jake, a librarian in the D.C. area and beer aficionado (he’s the beerbrarian), writes on how the neutrality of federated […]

The trouble with general search engines

In this “Best of” article I take a look at an article from the Federated Search Blog archives. I wrote “The trouble with general search engines” in 2008. The message of the article is as true today as it was three years ago: the big search engines aren’t good enough for business research (nor for […]

Federated search: the challenges of incremental results

Welcome to the second edition of “Best of the Federated Search Blog.” In this series I pull articles out of the Federated Search Blog archive and comment on them for the benefit of those considering Deep Web Technologies‘ offerings. In March, 2008 I explored the “incremental results” feature which Deep Web Technologies makes available in […]

Diagnosing Federated Search Source Problems: It’s Harder Than You Think

Welcome to “The Best of the Federated Search Blog.” In this ongoing series I will be commenting on classic articles that I have authored for the Federated Search Blog. I aim to focus on the relevance of the article to current and prospective customers of Deep Web Technologies. In this first “Best of” article, Diagnosing […]

Searching For Federated Talent– Deep Web Welcomes Paul Albert

Paul Albert Senior Software Developer: Nov 1st Paul graces Deep Web Technologies with a B.S. in Mathematics from The University of Vermont, a M.S. in Computer Science from John Hopkin’s University in Baltimore, and 17 years of software development experience. The team he works with is constantly predicting needs and trends in the marketplace to […]