How do the millennials search?

Here’s a paper worth reading: “A study of the information search behaviour of the millennial generation.” No, not because there are any earth-shattering conclusions, but you may want to read the article to confirm that what you already suspect to be true really is true. Here’s the introduction from the paper’s abstract: Introduction. Members of […]

Our own Nick Urban contributes to Open Source movement

Deep Web Technologies software engineer Nick Urban was developing a software library to implement some basic functionality in Ruby. He realized that his code could prove useful to other software developers. From this inspiration, well_rested was born. In Nick’s own words: Well_rested is a Ruby library that takes takes JSON data and it turns it […]

Our New Partnership with Swets

Deep Web Technologies is pleased to announce our new partnership with Swets! Our next-generation federated search product, Explorit,  now powers the SwetsWise Searcher module, designed to simplify access to subscription sources with a single, easy-to-use interface. Swets is the world’s leading subscription services company, serving over 160 countries. Building on more than 105 years of […]

Federated Search Contest …judging underway!

Judging is underway for the second annual federated search blog contest.  Read bios of the judges here.

Deep Web Technologies is sponsoring our second annual writing contest

[ This is a guest article by Sol Lederman, primary author of the Federated Search Blog, which we sponsor. Sol also consults for Deep Web Technologies on a number of projects. ] In case you’re not a reader of the Federated Search Blog I want to make sure you know about the writing contest that […]

Coming in 2010: Multilingual Translation

Our Engineering Department has something nifty brewing that should be ready next year…multilingual translation.  It may not sound that enticing, but the concept of searching databases for new discoveries in different languages is a researcher’s dream!  Using the Google Translation appliance, our multilingual translation feature will allow you to search from your native language, sending […]