Kudos to Data Planet from Charleston Advisor

Data Planet was reviewed in April by the Charleston Advisor, a highly regarded critical review resource for libraries. Deep Web Technologies and Data Planet teamed up several years ago to create Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference, designed to be a more user friendly interface to finding and extracting data from their extensive repository and flagship product, […]

Alternatives to Google in Science – DWT the MultiDisciplinary Winner!

Every once in a while, a blog will post a list of what they view as the best science search engines.  DWT is always pleased when we see these, our research portals are perfectly suited for science research (and we almost always end up on these lists!). In early October 2013, one such list was published […]

Reprints Desk – Outscoring Competitors in Outsell Scorecard

A big congratulations to Reprints Desk, Deep Web Technologies’ Document Delivery Partner who received top ratings in the 2012 Outsell. Document Delivery puts crucial content in information specialists hands allowing a backup model for cancelled subscriptions or incomplete collections. In light of the growing need for Document Delivery services, Outsell conducted a short survey in September 2012. In […]

On Our Way – Charleston, South Carolina

Deep Web Technologies’ President, Abe Lederman will be attending the 2011 Charleston Conference this year in…you guessed it… Charleston, South Carolina. The annual Charleston Conference hosts a variety of appealing activities but before you do anything, please be sure to dig into your conference bag for your free copy of the Charleston Advisor.  Inside you will […]

Deep Web Tech in the News: WorldWideScience.org

Sometimes when I lie in bed with the dream of federating 1,000,000,000 sources dancing around in my mind, I often wonder, “What’s the best search engine?”. I suppose that depends on who (or what) you seek. The Internet is the largest collection of information that has ever been amassed, leading us to need better search […]

Discovery Services: Over-Hyped and Under-Performed *updated*

**(12/2/2010) Updated section “Full-text or metadata only” This blog article is written by Abe Lederman, President and CTO of Deep Web Technologies: A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Charleston Conference. It was my first time attending this conference and also my first time in Charleston, South Carolina, a city […]

If Google might be doing it…

Last week (on November 23rd) Sol wrote an article for the Federated Search Blog, Beyond search results bias, which raises the concern over search result bias by Google and by discovery services. Sol refers to the allegation by Harvard Professor Benjamin Edelman that Google is biasing some of its search results by first displaying results […]

Choice’s Choice, When Choosing How To Search For Science

Say that five times, fast. ScienceResearch.com received some positive attention from TCCLibraryblog.blogspot.com (TCCL) and Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (Choice) this week, in the form of an informative review on the features and functionality of ScienceResearch.com and an award, respectively. For those individuals that have not seen for themselves, ScienceResearch.com uses our federated search […]

Less Google– More Search: Mednar Named in Top 10 Best Specialized Search Engines

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like top 10 lists? VH1 was practically built on this idea. Top10tag.com is a website committed to taking the most bizarre, high-quality products and service reviews, links to most amazing websites, innovative and useful tools, interesting and fun stuff, and putting it all together in an easy-to-read top 10 list. […]

Opportunities with Search for Newspapers

Peter Krasilovsky of the Newspaper Association of America just posted an article regarding the value of web-based search to newspaper organizations (read the article). In the article, he very briefly discusses federated search and the value to newspapers.  He says, “A near relative of enterprise search is federated search. It is an effort to collect […]