Sneak Peek – Explorit Everywhere! in 2016

One little peek can’t hurt, can it? Well, although we’re bursting with excitement about our new features, we don’t want to spoil the surprise – here are just a few enhancements you’ll see in Explorit Everywhere! in 2016.  Part of our 2016 enhancements will focus on Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual (see for an example of Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual). […]

Deep Web Technologies is SMAC-down in the Midst of Things

I recently had a conversation with a VC and he brought up the acronym “SMAC”. SMAC, he explained, stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, and pointed out that these four areas are red-hot with investors now. In a Forbes, May, 2014 blog article, Ravi Puri, Senior Vice President, North America Oracle Consulting Services defined […]

Happy New Year!

2014 has turned the corner and Deep Web Technologies is moving quickly toward some exciting goals.  Our developers are draining the java and pounding the keyboard to produce a new version of Explorit that will allow greater flexibility and more robust features.  We’re very excited to see the nimble and feature-rich product of much planning […]

Explorit now features visual clustering

Our clustering engine has always been among our customers’ favorite features. We introduced the feature and its tremendous value in discovering documents in our “Clusters That Think” article. One of the most interesting features of our Explorit search product is our clustering engine, which analyzes results and produces “clusters” that represent a new and powerful […]

Our Explorit integrates with Article Galaxy

Deep Web Technologies has integrated its Explorit federated search application with Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy. Our company and Reprints Desk share the goal of facilitating literature discovery so integrating our technology with theirs was natural. The recent Reprints Desk press release describes the feature: Federated search, powered by Deep Web Technologies, for simultaneously searching across […]

Deep Web Tech in the News: Image Search

One small step for, one giant leap for Federated Search. “ is a gateway to more than 42 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query, and is a gateway to more than 2,000 scientific websites from 18 organizations within 14 federal science agencies. These agencies represent 97% of […]

Deep Web Tech Launches Webinar Series

December 15th, 2010 kicks off Deep Web Technologies’ first webinar installment! Titled: “Explorit Federated Search Key Differentiators” Interested parties will have the option to sign up for different dates, depending on your convenience. Our webinars typically last 30-40 mins, with the last 10 minutes devoted to questions and answers, which means that it will be […]

Exit Stage Right– WebFeat. Center Stage– Explorit

SWITCH TO DEEP WEB TECHNOLOGIES AND SAVE THOUSANDS Deep Web Technologies is offering a unique chance to replace  existing WebFeat installations. The catch? You must be willing to save over $3,800 on next-generation federated search for your library!  Now, with Deep Web Technologies next-generation federated search, you can go deeper and faster than you have […]

Connectors – Federated Search’s Strength or Achilles Heel?

Federated search is only as good as the connectors to the underlying sources. The care and quality with which connectors are written are important to the quality of the results that are brought back from the API or native search interface . Connectors are typically cited as a weak point in federated search. However,  Deep Web […]

Hot Tubs, Special Relativity and Subjective Time

Last night, I treated myself … no, I indulged myself … to a 30 minute hot tub under the stars. Alone, in my backyard, I stood looking up at the moon, and I was really struck by the contrast sitting in front of me: The moon, sitting motionless above me and my hot tub, travels […]