WorldWideScience receives warm welcome at the UN

WorldWideScience is a global science gateway that combines national and international scientific databases into a search engine. From a single search form, a scientist, researcher, or curious citizen can search over fifty databases in English and now 22 multilingual sources (with translation to the searcher’s native language) and seven multimedia sources. WorldWideScience is the brainchild […]

Cushing Academy Trades Books For Couches

Deep Web Technologies

It’s State of the Search

Less Books, not Bookless

As the Stanford Engineering Library nears the completion of its move into new facilities, so does its transition from a print-based library into an econtent-based one. According to an article published by the Library Journal, the library has removed more than 85% of its print collection (about 98,000 books and journals) to offsite storage facility. […]

Stanford’s Excellent xSearch

Yesterday I read Grace Baysinger’s post on Stanford University’s new xSearch – Multidisciplinary Search Tool which uses the Deep Web Technologies Federated Search, and I need to say that I’m thrilled!  Our product offers features that Stanford wouldn’t have found in one package elsewhere.  For example, we coordinated with their IT department to integrate federated […]