What Am I Searching (And Do I Care?)

Indexed discovery services are a lot like Google: you can search simply and get results quickly, but the sources you are searching tend to be mysterious. Do you know if you are searching specialized sources or generic sources? Authoritative or with an agenda? When a researcher pushes the search button, they get whatever results are deemed relevant from […]

Search’s Unsatisfactory Progress

Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud recently wrote an article for IT ProPortal, “The search continues: A history of search’s unsatisfactory progress.” In his article, Simon expands on a survey conducted by SearchYourCloud in which a third of respondents said they “spend between five and 25 minutes searching every time they want to find a document, while […]

Google Is All I Need…Oh Really?

When we’re young and naive, we think that Google knows everything, from climate change to competitor data, from media impressions to military intelligence. If it’s not in Google, then we won’t find it anywhere. Thanks, and have a nice day. This unfortunate misconception is the plight many libraries face today: How do you reclaim your library from […]

Have It Your Way

What makes a search app easy to use? Lots of things, such as intuitive navigation, a sleek interface, tooltips, and…personalization. Sometimes spending the extra time making an app “yours” is exactly what it takes to make the app more “usable.” For example, the first thing I do when I find a new start page or […]

“More than PubMed, Better than Google”

That’s the tagline for the Helen Hayes Hospital MULTIsearch gateway and isn’t it great? Organizations often find that adding just a few words of explanation helps them successfully market their new Explorit Everywhere! search application to their researchers, and usage goes up. We thought that Helen Hayes did a wonderful job explaining why users benefit from using MULTIsearch instead of […]

Federating the Un-Federatable

Many mainstream libraries have a standard list of sources they search: EBSCO, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, PubMed, and others. Including the usual “suspects” in a single search isn’t terribly hard for most discovery solutions (federated search or discovery services) unless they are competing information vendors who do not want to play nice – see this post: The Last of […]

The Last of the Major Discovery Services is Independent no More

On October 6, ProQuest announced its intent to acquire Ex-lIbris, the Israeli company that provides a number of library automation products and services, and also provides the Primo Discovery Service. So, soon all three of the major Discovery Services – EDS, Summon and Primo will be owned by EBSCO and ProQuest, two multi-billion dollar companies, […]

The Tough Choice: Abstaining from Discovery

Lots of libraries are doing it, sneaking off one day and subscribing to a discovery service. And after all, they’re catering to a new generation of researchers. The Google generation obsessively searches for everything – from restaurants to their next date. Many libraries are adopting discovery services as their new search of choice because it works fast […]

DWT and Wellspring Partner to Find and Evaluate Emerging Technologies

Forecasting and scouting of new technologies is integral to innovative companies. The need to expertly and systematically identify emerging tech is increasing as more and more digital records are added to the ever-growing pool of knowledge assets. With our newly integrated service, DWT and Wellspring offer a simple approach to find emerging technologies. Rather than […]

Accenture Predicts One-Stop Shopping for Procurement Offices

Spend Matters July 29, 2015 post, Accenture and the Future of Procurement Technology: The Virtual Company Mall, discusses one of five focus areas for advancement in e-procurement technologies mentioned in the Accenture Report: Procurement’s Next Frontier – The Future Will Give Rise to an Organization of One. According to Accenture, the five focus areas are […]