Explorit Everywhere! Goes Mobile

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a mobile device. Over 80% of internet users who own a smartphone use it to access the internet. Almost 60% of the total digital users in the U.S. visit the web through a variety of mobile devices (comScore). We’re in a global, mobile wave, expected to continue with a projected 50 billion […]

Check Out Our Article in Multilingual.com Magazine

The April/May 2015 issue of Multilingual.com Magazine features a new article, “Advancing science by overcoming language barriers,” co-authored by DWT’s own Abe Lederman, and Darcy Katzman.   The article discusses the Deep Web vs. the dark web, and the technology needed to find results in scientific and technical, multilingual Deep Web databases.   It also speaks […]

Alerts: Automatic, Efficient and Connected

I have at least 50 alerts set up through several different services.  I know when my husband gives a talk (that he forgot to mention), when my son’s school is referenced in the news, if there’s a storm coming, and when topics of interest are discussed on the web.  I stay connected to the information […]

Analyze This!

Let’s face it, organizations love website and application data. While the number of users who “hit” your website applications may be important for understanding how well your marketing campaigns are going, when it comes to your search applications the number of time each of your subscription and premium sources are “hit” may be more important […]

A Little Thing Called “Source Order”

Our customers like Explorit Everywhere! applications because they don’t have to “think” about how relevant the results are; all DWT applications have a five star, relevance-ranking system.  Since many researchers just look at the first page of results, Explorit Everywhere! merges, ranks and de-duplicates results from all sources searched so the most relevant results appear at the […]

Microsoft Case Study – Bridging the Gap Between Language and Science

On January 8, 2015, Microsoft published a new, Customer Solution Case Study about Deep Web Technologies’ innovative search technology developed in collaboration with the WorldWideScience Alliance.  Using the Microsoft Translation services, the search application WorldWideScience.org allows users to search in their native language, find results from sources around the world, and read the results translated […]

Hello WorldWideEnergy.org – Goodbye ETDE

In June of 2014, the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) ended.  It must have been a sad day for the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), having nurtured ETDE from a fledgling search site over 27 years ago to a venerable collection of over 5 million literature citations and over 90 participating countries. But […]

WorldWideScience.org: A 2014 Makeover

WorldWideScience.org lets users search for science around the world in a matter of seconds.  First deployed in 2008, this transformational technology unearths content that under normal circumstances would remain only available to users searching a database specifically.  And if that’s not enough, scientists and researchers can search in their own language for cutting-edge information from […]

The End of an Era Comes to OSTI

Dr. Walter Warnick, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), is retiring in early January 2014 after 17 years as Director. Dr. Warnick embraced the idea of knowledge dissemination, and championed aggressive efforts to capitalize on technological advances such as federated search.   Abe Lederman, DWT’s President and CTO […]

DWT Search Portal Instead of a Book? Why Not?

While many schools of thought might consider this notion preposterous verging on sacrilegious, David Wojick suggests that WorldWideScience.org (WWS) just happens to be THAT good.  In his interview on Scholarly Kitchen’s Chefs’ Selections:  The Best Books Read During 2013 (Part 2) he states: WWS integrates almost a hundred other science portals, most of which are national in scope, […]