MyLibrary – Explorit Everywhere!’s Filing Cabinet

At Deep Web Technologies we think that Explorit Everywhere! is the simplest way for researchers to perform a single search for results across their various information sources, find relevant results and seamlessly process those results. But it’s that final part – processing results – that DWT just made simpler for our researchers through our new MyLibrary feature. MyLibrary […]

Keep It Local…Or At Least Localized

In the United States, most of our public websites are in English. We’re used to searching, clicking to our result and reading the web page instructions, navigation and results in English. And, if we happen to run across a page that is in a different language, most browsers will translate the page to English so […]

Have It Your Way

What makes a search app easy to use? Lots of things, such as intuitive navigation, a sleek interface, tooltips, and…personalization. Sometimes spending the extra time making an app “yours” is exactly what it takes to make the app more “usable.” For example, the first thing I do when I find a new start page or […]

Sneak Peek – Explorit Everywhere! in 2016

One little peek can’t hurt, can it? Well, although we’re bursting with excitement about our new features, we don’t want to spoil the surprise – here are just a few enhancements you’ll see in Explorit Everywhere! in 2016.  Part of our 2016 enhancements will focus on Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual (see for an example of Explorit Everywhere! Multilingual). […]

Customer Corner – University of the Arts London

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Paul Mellinger, Discovery Manager (Resources & Systems), at the University of the Arts London (UAL), to attendees of the PTFS Europe Customer Day in early December 2015. PTFS Europe and Deep Web Technologies (DWT) recently partnered to broaden PTFS Europe offerings, and to provide the opportunity to integrate Explorit Everywhere! […]

INIS Sees Impressive Searches Through

The International Nuclear Information System, INIS, operated by the International Atomic EnergyAgency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, houses the INIS Collection which offers access to over 3.6 million bibliographic records and over 350,000 full-text documents on topics such as Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Safety and the Fukushima and Chernobyl accidents. This set of non-conventional literature is […]

DWT Partners with Microsoft Translator

We are now a Microsoft Translator Alliance Partner. DWT was invited to join the brand new Microsoft Translator Partner program which is designed to create opportunities for businesses to deliver best-in-class translation solutions. DWT uses the Microsoft Translator API to create multilingual search solutions for global customers. These solutions tap into the available Microsoft Translator languages and […]

Keep It Simple, Searcher

Explorit Everywhere! supports all kinds of fancy search logic, such as Boolean operators, nested parenthesis and advanced search fields. This is a big selling point for organizations with researchers who want to search for a precise bit of information, retrieve a small result set, and then narrow that set of results even further with filters […]

Navigating the World of Explorit Everywhere!

As much as we like to think that Explorit Everywhere! is simple to use, it still holds the junior heavyweight championship title for feature-rich technologies. Throw on top of that the concepts of “federated search”, “Deep Web”, and “discovery services”, and it’s easy to get lost in a maze of information. Since Deep Web Technologies is […] 2015 Enhancements has received a tremendous amount of press so far in 2015. On January 8th, Microsoft published a case study on and Deep Web Technologies: “ is the result of years of research and innovation. Although the underlying technology itself is exciting, Deep Web Technologies and the WorldWideScience Alliance are most interested in what it […]