Calling all web designers … RFQ for theme development issued

We have been inspired by the CSS Zen Garden (, and have asked ourselves, “Could this apply in a way to make deep web research more productive and interesting?” We are therefore excited to announce that we are seeking the services of four (4) web designers (firms or individuals) to construct the CSS and graphic […]

Leave your hat and pick behind…

…It’s now easier to mine information in the deep web. In the most recent article in the National Impact Series on the Department of Energy’s Office of Science website, Abe Lederman, President and CTO of Deep Web Technologies reveals some little known company history, like how, exactly, he came up with the idea to develop […]

Search Engines of the Future?

Ian Hardy wrote an interesting article entitled, the search engines of the future, where he said that the search engines of the future will incorporate advanced semantic search, voice search and make better “connections,” as in connecting-the-dots, seeing patterns and recognizing context in all its forms. It’s a quick read, so Mr. Hardy doesn’t have […]

Westlaw Without Dialog: What’s An Attorney To Do?

Until 2008, Dialog was formerly part of Thomson Scientific, itself a unit of financial information giant Thomson Reuters. Westlaw, a part of West Publishing, itself another unit of Thomson Reuters, had therefore been able to provide Dialog’s powerful database of sources (which include 900 databases of intellectual property), to its large group of professional subscribers. […]

Opportunities with Search for Newspapers

Peter Krasilovsky of the Newspaper Association of America just posted an article regarding the value of web-based search to newspaper organizations (read the article). In the article, he very briefly discusses federated search and the value to newspapers.  He says, “A near relative of enterprise search is federated search. It is an effort to collect […]

Deep Web Search – How to optimize queries?

When conducting a Deep Web search, one of the common problems is understanding and optimizing queries.  Most deep web search engines are federated which means the query is passed simultaneously to multiple engines. If the federated search provider has done their job, then the query should seamlessly match to the logic of the native interface. […]