Biznar – A Deep Web Google Alternative

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on August 20, 2015
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Marcy Phelps recently posted her “Favorite Alternatives to Google” on her blog, Phelps Research. Her list of four top Google alternatives included DuckDuckGo, TinEye, WolframAlpha and Biznar.

Biznar – When I need to cut through the clutter and focus on high-quality sources, I head to this deep web business research portal. Right now they draw results from about 100 authoritative sources, and they’re in the process of expanding that list.

Of course, we were pleasantly surprised to hear about this since Biznar is one of four free public portals created and maintained by DWT.

In a separate post on the Somerville Public Library Blog, “Searching the Deep Web“, the post author, Kevin, relays his surprising results from a broad Biznar search:

Another database described in this article was BizNar, a business research database created by Deep Web Technologies.  I did a search for “cookies” (just because) and got hits for (among many other things) dessert blogs, a CNN report on the black market for cookies in Hong Kong (yes, really), a pay-to-view analysis of the world market for cookies, and a bid from the Bureau of Prisons stating that the penitentiary in Marion, IL is looking to purchase 10,000 cookies, 25,532 bagels and/or muffins and/or cinnamon rolls, and 64,440 shelf-stable flour tortillas. There were also (of course) lots of articles on the virtual cookies that marketing companies leave on your computer.

DWT is in the process of adding and updating sources in Biznar. If you have suggestions on how to make the portal more useful, new sources to add, or category changes, please let us know!

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