A Little Thing Called “Source Order”

This post was written by Darcy Katzman on January 26, 2015
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Our customers like Explorit Everywhere! applications because they don’t have to “think” about how relevant the results are; all DWT applications have a five star, relevance-ranking system.  Since many researchers just look at the first page of results, Explorit Everywhere! merges, ranks and de-duplicates results from all sources searched so the most relevant results appear at the top of the list.  Easy-Peasy.

But many of our researchers perform advanced searches, refine their queries, and want to know exactly what results the source returned and in the order that the source returned them without DWT’s ranking applied. In this case, they have two choices: they can either open a new SourceOrderbrowser tab, go directly to their source, perform the same search and review their results (the long route), or they can simply filter their Explorit Everywhere! results set by the source and then by sort by Source Order.  Voila.

You can see this filter in action by visiting one of our publicly available applications such as Biznar, Mednar or Environar.  On the results page:

  1. “Limit” your results set to the source you want to see results from.
  2. Select the “Sort by” filter to sort the results by “Source Order”.

You should now see the results page display results in the order that we received them from the source.

For researchers who prefer to see the results from sources directly, this is an efficient substitute for searching sources one by one and can save hours of research time.  One search of all of the sources a researcher wants to include, then viewed individually by Source Order can mean less burnout and faster discovery.  Source Order may be just a “little” filter on Explorit Everywhere! but for some researchers it’s one of the biggest benefits.

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